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First batch of "hypoglycemic" successful cultivation of rice the size
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Sunday is the fourth "United Nations Diabetes Day", how can we solve the difficulty people with diabetes eat a diet problem? This morning, the first Municipal Academy of Agricultural Sciences cultivate 300 acres of "hypoglycemic" rice in the town of Hama, Songjiang District, large-scale cultivation of success, for the majority of diabetes patients of the "Gospel." According to reports, the rice production of about 300 kilograms per mu, the price of 96 yuan per kilogram. It is understood that in normal rice starch into sugar easily, after digestion and absorption through the gastrointestinal tract, and gradually into glucose, and then be absorbed into the bloodstream, so blood sugar rises. In contrast, "hypoglycemic" rice rich in resistant starch, it is not in the intestine into glucose and increase insulin sensitivity, and enhance satiety. "Hypoglycemic" rice rich in protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, but it contains sugar, cholesterol and fat are close to "0." In addition, the "hypoglycemic" rice also has a bowel detoxification, prevention of intestinal diseases, weight control, prevention of "three high" to prevent cardiovascular disease and other auxiliary functions, taking many years for patients with type II diabetes and the risk of the elderly and other groups. It is reported that, as early as 2000, the City Academy of Agricultural Sciences to set up a special Task Force to "how to eat while in the diabetic patients to prevent blood sugar, to further improve the quality of life of people with diabetes," for the purpose of the project to the antidiabetic rice breeding and cultivation research. In 2002, the City Academy of Agricultural Science and Technology Commission for the City to provide funds for international cooperation funded by the latter and Korea Rural Development Cooperation, set up a "for sugar diabetes, low energy absorption and application of new variety of rice" project group, by the renowned rice expert, China Pu Zhongze hypoglycemic Dr. Rice led the first person to research and development. This year in January, the city Science and Technology Commission of the well-known expert demonstration project authority, all targets were met project requirements for promotion of large-scale industrial plant. This year in July, and the Shanghai Municipal Academy of Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Hao Yang cooperation in the town of Hama, Songjiang District, characteristic agricultural industrialization base for planting 300 acres of "hypoglycemic" rice.