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Bright generation barn
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Bright dynasty is be built in farmer war and ruined in farmer war, its are promoted politically decline to be the same as the refreshment of grain production, development and be on the wane to connect cheek by jowl from beginning to end, each other is cause and effect. Zhu Yuanzhang is to be in socioeconomy suffers yuan of end the Supreme Being says below the circumstance that play havoc with, after his accession, be faced with " population acute is decreased, land is run-down " bleak picture, so that agricultural economy is whole socioeconomy was immersed in the condition that go bankrupt, grain crop is decreased suddenly, tax provisions income decreases and the difficulty with insufficient labor is endangering the feudal political power that just builds badly, accordingly, "Field monarch, registered permanent residence is added " restore quickly and expand agricultural grain production, became Zhu Yuanzhang's urgent matter. According to " big Wu Shi records Ming Taizu " account: Hong Wu 2 years Ming Dynasty government gives orders the land deal out of idle of barren of each district general develops to plough oneself without the farmer of the ground, set " additional reclaim wasteland, never rise division " , avoid impose land tax. Expand of the area ceaselessly as farmland, grain crop rises ceaselessly, bright dynasty also begins to take seriously and accelerate barn construction. The barn cent of bright generation is two kinds: One kind is the Guan Cang that installs to make sure place of official, arms needs, " bright history feed borrow annals " account: "Chu Cang of Beijing Wei Youjun, each province has a storehouse, government official pay receives Yan " . Another kind of storehouse to adjust civilian commissariat surplus and deficiency is mixed store the preliminary storehouse of grain prepare against natural disasters.

Glazed pottery barn, this barn is 52 centimeters tall, 40 centimeters wide, slimy qualitative red pottery, embryo is qualitative firm rate of close, agglomeration is higher, the barn of type of edge of bright generation house that is a model, roof can get off, inside the storehouse hollow, put stay have cereal skin branny, house edge lower part has 3 animal head to spread head, modelling of primitive simplicity, warehouse ahead returns score to have block grain board, this kind blocks grain board to at present some of barn still is in continue to use. Whole barn applies green glair and yellow glair, ying Weiming three-color glazed pottery implement, because leach suffers in underground, some glaze had fallen off, the adornment that warehouse carries on the head somewhat damage damage, but whole is more complete, all show dignified air, the wind of composed Gu Zhuo. So big bright implement barn keep up to now solid already belong to not easy, it to studying us building of bright generation barn and food store provided extremely valuable objective data.
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