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Clear generation " the world the first storehouse " Feng Tuyi storehouse
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Clear dynasty since found a capital, value grain production and commissariat reserve quite all the time. According to historical data account, qing Ting is opposite not only the Guan Cang that matters to waste of Guan Feng, soldier's pay and provisions and palace takes very seriously, also pay close attention to matter to the general barn of the people's livelihood very. Kang Xi is in instruct in making, say: "Feed for civilian day, local old official, rate of superintend and director has department, dawn Yu Xiaomin, wu makes accumulate rice grain more " . Qianlong is in instruct in making, say: "Accumulate lay aside to be civilian feed place to close " . Also fall when Jia Qing be in power instruct enjoin each city, county " storage actual strength is rectified, cereal of make sure storehouse is solid store, just be precautions averts perils " . Arrived the kind happiness mother of an emperor later, smooth mood, the past dynasties of clear dynasty is gubernatorial, no matter accident of period of its v/arc be on the throne, also do not divide its to be in flourishing age or last phase of an age, to solve civilian feed a problem, label barn construction imperial court important matter. Clear acting barn postpones the day before using old make, basically set Chang Pingcang, company Cang Heyi storehouse, chang Pingcang is official barn, company storehouse is the barn that the place does, justice storehouse belongs to folk to prepare oneself build oneself, from store save oneself the barn of property.

"The world the first storehouse " Feng Tuyi Cang Guangxu 3 years 1877

Big drought of Shaanxi the central Shaanxi plain, the Yan of face city person that a high official in ancient China of the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China holds the post of when respects inscription, as cosignatory as face city esquire, to short for Shaanxi Province " make one's rounds strokes Feng Yuji to suggest to build justice warehouse on the west. This storehouse smooth mood began construction 8 years 1882, smooth mood 11 years 1885 complete, last a period of time 3 years, bad news silver three. After kind happiness mother of an emperor hears play music, drive grants this storehouse to be " the world the first storehouse " , with the abundant of Suzhou equipment justice storehouse pays equal attention to temporarily, celebrated whole nation. At present Feng Tuyi storehouse already was labelled to weigh bit of cultural relic to protect an unit by bureau of national cultural relic. About Feng Tuyi the storehouse still is circulating in place an interesting story: Tasty Jing Ming letting Yan builds a barn inside hold office at court below Ci Xi in those days, in order to have big inside of food shortage urgent, yan Jingming acts according to aim act. The achieve after barn building signs up for Ci Xi, kind happiness great rejoicing, desire drive is driven inspect, show bestow a reward. Yan respects inscription busy report back, this Cang Yuan is in Shaanxi face city, kind happiness bate, be about to treat the pain of its bully gentleman. Yan Jingming explains hastily, gaga and fatheaded, by accident will " inside face " listen into " Chao Yi " , hind Zou Mingfeng extol of meaning of strategic position of Tuyicang, relieve the people in disaster, common people. Kind happiness think better of thinks, although Yan Jingming has self, but also be for the country civilian, loyal and devoted, grant willingly " the world the first storehouse " .
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