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Yuan acting barn
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Gold dollar during, our country north appears a large number of moorland, after accession of Yuan Shizu Hu Bilie, promulgate for many times award reclaims wasteland and farming agrarian policy. According to " yuan history - world Zu Benji " account: The Christian era 1286, yuan the government gives orders farmer land reclamation, duty-free 3 years, right faint person give farm tool and farm cattle, then big moorland gets reclaiming cultivating. Arrive yuan of acting metaphase, so " civilian scanty earth free from worries " the area has been " fireworks photograph looks, sang Ma wraps around wild " fertile soil. Together with " yuan person most prevent floods by water control of be apt to " , the development that irrigation works irrigates promoted the big development that commissariat produces, because this yuan of generation locals authorities the barn setting of follow the Tang Dynasty, the Song Dynasty and administrative measure, built Chang Pingcang He Yicang. Chang Pingcang is set in each road, government office, city, county, manage directly by various feudal official, basically be cheap of good year rice when, buy grain by market price of feudal official prep above, arrive when owing year of Migui, by commissariat of feudal official sacrifice sale, its main effect is to stablize grain price, stable market. Justice storehouse is to establish in the barn under the county, every company establishs one warehouse, manage its affair by each district president, basically be the food that receives the pay taxes that press man, the turn over to the higher authorities after concentration often makes the same score a storehouse, encounter calamity when year, dole grain, deficient of aid of relieve the people in disaster.

Barn of type of black pottery tower: This storehouse is 40 centimeters tall, base diameter 24 centimeters, storehouse body diameter 20 centimeters, the storehouse is built 10 centimeters tall, 24 centimeters wide. This Tao Cang is whole show pagoda pattern, also have below the storehouse 10 centimeters tall base and storehouse are an organic whole repeatedly personally, base all around have circular airway, the storehouse has 4 Fang Zhu personally, adornment of carven 蓆 grain all is used between Fang Zhu and square column, the lid can open the warehouse. Embryo of this contented storehouse is qualitative close together, of burnish very careful, especially the 蓆 grain with neat body carves the storehouse, craft is masterly, conception is clever, reflected yuan of acting person adequately distinctive aesthetic and consuetudinary with the excellent craft that make a surname.

Black pottery 3 sufficient barn: This storehouse is 30 centimeters tall, storehouse body diameter 18 centimeters, the storehouse carries cent on the head to be two, lower level is the biggest diameter 20 centimeters, it is an organic whole repeatedly personally with the storehouse, superstratum is lid of one small storehouse, diameter 8 centimeters. This Tao Cang still is slimy qualitative black pottery, and argil black is very heavy, black in extensive is green, it is thus clear that its burn law degree very tall, the storehouse carries the account top that resembles a yurt on the head, very chic, body lower part has the storehouse 3 5 centimeters tall proboscis form turn is sufficient, give a person the beauty with dignified, of primitive simplicity.
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