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The zhongzi results from olden summer sunstroke prevention " feed in seasonly "
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Nie Yuanlong of expert of society of Shanxi province folk-custom suffers 8 days when visitting, express, the zhongzi is Chinese the ancients a kind of when in disease of dispel of summertime sunstroke prevention the creation in practice comes out in season food. As the changes of the times, food of this kind of festival moves toward the daily life of Chinese common people gradually.

According to account, inchoate zhongzi is called " horny millet " , wrap milled glutinous broomcorn millet with leaf of wild rice reed namely, the Yu Duanwu after the juice that use ash is thoroughlied cook is on a diet with. The expert expresses, milled glutinous broomcorn millet thoroughlies cook buy immerse in cold water, after sizzler eats, have stop thirsty, go heating up effect. And leaf of wild rice reed, grey juice has likewise those who relieve inflammation or internal heat is cool and refreshing, officinal.

At this late hour, people chooses Zhu Xie commonly or lotus leaf wraps a zhongzi, these lamina have disappear of clear hot detoxify, diuresis to feed wait for effect, can reduce the sticky be bored with of Zong rice, conduce to what human body raises part to zhongzi battalion absorbing. Wrap a zhongzi advocate material is much choose polished glutinous rice or mix with other rice, polished glutinous rice and burden of element of meat or fish have fair nutrient value.

According to introducing, around of dragon boat festival, the area austral advance is in wheat harvest season, jin Beize is worth summer v hoe busy season. Labor returns, from the fish out in cold water a zhongzi eats, allay one's hunger of satisfy one's thirst is hit again cool next fire. Accordingly, this kind of food grows in Shanxi folk fill do not decline.