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Predestined relationship of 5 constant rice why such " sweet "
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Mention " base of paddy kingdom, green " , people can think of immediately 5 constant; Speak of " rice of chiliad paddy, hundred years tribute " , everybody is contacted together with 5 constant rice for certain again. Recently, the author will to commissariat produce big city Heilongjiang to visit 5 constant town.

5 constant city are located in Heilongjiang to save most the south, northing Harbin 110 kilometers of city. As we have learned, 5 constant city are having advantaged natural requirement in field of water, earth, gas. Organic qualitative content is much in soil, allowance of harmful material incomplete is low, rate of top of green establish coverture is as high as 70% above. The data that the station of U.N. air observation that is set in Long Fengshan countryside provides makes clear, 5 constant the standard of the manufacturing green food that atmosphere environment accords with a country completely to set, these valuable resource that develop green food got the sufficient recognition of 5 ordinary people.

Every working procedure that 5 ordinary people father to produce green food, the farmer of green paddy base, every have what green food office extends " green food is high grade paddy helps advance somebody's career mode pursues " and " pesticide, fertilizer uses the card that register " , city, countryside, village many 3000 agrotechnical personnel adjusts 3 level base executes a technology to always contract. As we have learned, former town of collect of the countryside of exposed to the sun with rice production low level, the land of country, as a result of this a series of the technology serves, manufacturing level had driven paddy to come up. Natural condition increases the person's effort, make the quality of 5 constant rice had assure.

5 ordinary people produce proceed with from green rice, take the lead by agricultural bureau, combine 17 branches such as industrial and commercial bureau, commissariat bureau to initiate, established association of 5 constant rice, association with " develop brand of 5 constant rice, monitoring quality of 5 constant rice, unite label of 5 constant rice, protect reputation of 5 constant rice " for the tenet. After association acquired corporate organization, was in in July 2001 the country is industrial and commercial total bureau was obtained " 5 constant rice " producing area proves brand.

Brand of 5 constant rice is much, treatment company is much, can create resources waste not only, also be sham the door that 5 constant rice opened to go to the lavatory, go down for a long time, vital to generation of brand of 5 constant rice influence. This kind is produced everywhere, bull treatment, how is the current situation that appears on the market separately changed, association of rice of 5 constant city suggests: Close management, the production that pack, unite a name, unite a standard, unite base breed and technical standard, make 5 constant rice " embrace a group " enter the market.
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