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Yellow River rice
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Yellow River rice originates in the Yellow River that is located in Jinan outskirts bank, large area of axiomatic quiet period is cultivated, the history is long. Belong to local special local product, traditional name eats, one cooks, 10 lis of Wen Xiangzhi say.
The with the sky water of fill of Yellow River rice, the with farmhouse fertilizer that apply, the true energy of life of accept nature, suck cosmic elite, its product pure and noble, glittering and translucent and bright, the boil scent of evaporate 4 excessive, stick sweet dainty, recall Gan Chun, food of classics China green develops central examine and verify, accord with standard of green food class A completely. Yellow River rice uses advanced treatment technology, match with vacuum-packed, breed norms is all ready, last moth-proofing, pack elegant, place of embedded human body must a variety of vitamins and amino acid, function of immunity of exchange part human body, reduce weight, precautionary hypertension, fall hematic fat has apparent effect.