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Rice is healthful rice meal also can treat a disease!
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All sorts of staple food on market let a person now too many things to see, but the Chinese loves to have rice namely, how can you cook rice opportunely, eat a health? We accumulated a few experience in practice, with all sorts of healthy food tie-in move cooks rice, healthful.

1.If have fat of hypertensive, tall blood, Can do oaten rice, United States sweet corn bead rice, Bai Luobo is petty a rice, medlar rice. Eat when lunch dry, congee is boiled when dinner, can have very good effect. When cooking such rice, do not expend what interest, it is a rice put away only hind, right amount put these food, the rice of of all kinds that can make beautiful of lubricious fragrance all with electric meal Bao comes.

   2.If suffer from excessive internal heat, Can cook gram rice, bailuo predicts a rice. Gram applies clear water bubble beforehand a long time, rice of the redo after thoroughlying cook.

   3.If defecate not free, Can cook yam rice, pumpkin rice. Can like according to oneself, cut yam or pumpkin into small to be put into rice, the Gan Tian when feeding is goluptious, unobstructed of the defecate after passing.

4. According to different season, still can cook different fruit rice, carrot is small rice, Xianggu mushroom rice, black agaric rice, as suitable as corresponding fried dish, the effect is better. Still can cook rice of beans of rice of red bean rice, black red bean, great cloud, after legume should be thoroughlied cook, cook together with rice again.

Analytic: The degree of rice bran purify with the white rate of rice and outer rice is concerned, rate of rice bran purify is higher, although rice is white, but nutrient loss Yi Yue is much. Rich B is contained in rice bran a group of things with common features vitamin and prandial fiber, the embryo of rice is contained support oneself E and much not saturated fatty acid.

Remind: Often the person of edible essence rice is incidental the lack of vitamin B1 and vitamin B2, accordingly, rice is not whiter better.