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Chelonian of hold a birthday party of hoisting jack rice reveals folk-custom
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A few days ago, the two sides of the Taiwan Straits does in couplet of Xiamen sea dark blue protect Cultural Festival of strange kind aid, in all hold a memorial ceremony for protects unripe great emperor. On April 20, big Qing Gong of fontal city moralization also with distinctive " place big chelonian " grand and formal hold the activity that be the same as hold a memorial ceremony for, two ground are same the theme is " kind aid, healthy, harmonious " . Although encounter fluctuation wet, still pilgrim tourist gathers.

Big Qing Gong is located at moralization county Long Xun to press down Ding Qian village, only then build at carry on of the Southern Song Dynasty to promote year (1131-1162) . Inside big Qing Gong advocate Wu Ben of Feng Baosheng great emperor. Wu Ben is Tongan of seat of government of state of spring of Northen Song Dynasty in prefectural accumulating be apt to white reef (today beauty of horn of Zhangzhou city Long Hai town presses down white reef) person, zong Taiping of unripe Yu Songtai allows a country 4 years (979 years) the traditional Chinese calendar on March 15. Protect unripe great emperor to have a good command of for a whole life branch is yellow, when of person for flat magpie Hua Tuo again world. He imagines crock aid world, kind benefit common people, revere by common people.

April 20 is the traditional Chinese calendar on March 15. Zhang loves fourth 墘 village room of article room, Chen leopard end two surname every family begins to serve as main raw material with polished glutinous rice since 19 days, treatment evaporate ripe make it " divine chelonian " , carry Gong Li. Every birthday chelonian is used 80 to 100 jins of rice, the brown sugar that increases full amount refines and become, have face of old fashioned square table for eight people that kind is big, share 12 birthday chelonian, consecrate at divine table before, with praying good weather for the crops, Guo Taimin is installed, weiwei is grand. This kind of bizarre folk-custom already follow hundreds of years.

As we have learned, bank countryside You Zaide changes the first channel that department of Fujian Province travel sponsorred 2006 on the west when holding an opening ceremony, special will big Qing Gong places big chelonian temple fair to label tourist attraction of rustic folk-custom travel.