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Mi Wen is changed -- the origin of plumule rice
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Well-known, japan is the country with the longest life of the average per capita on the world. The near future investigates data to show, japanese countryman life has reached the male average 81 years old, the woman is average 86 years old. A main reason is: Japanese should have fresh plumule rice everyday. Be in Japan, the value of plumule rice market that classics unpolished rice is machined and becomes is equivalent to 25 times of value of our country common rice. In Japanese dining-room repast is consumed, add rice of a bowl of embryo, should collect fees 600 yen, amount to makes an appointment with 50 yuan of RMBs, and adding meat is free however, by this token, fresh the food that staple food gives priority to formed Japanese countryman to provide nourishment balanced prandial, it is the main reason of Japanese countryman long life. Japan begins to undertake study to plumule rice and plumule rice machine in 30 time, plumule rice is in Japan now already by mostly people place edible. The our country research to plumule rice only then at 90 time initial stage, the nutrient value of plumule rice does not know for most person place, the price of machine of plumule essence rice that company of treatment of a few commissariat introduces from the country such as Japan is high, only station price is controlled in 300 thousand RMB, automation rate is higher, once appear,breakdown is maintained in time hard, because this sheet relies on imported equipment to be engaged in plumule rice production, do not fit our country national condition. We often are heard in the life " unripe fierce seafood " , "Unripe fierce " the frisky appearance that just comes from the fish out in water namely, simple for point to namely fresh. We should eat seafood " unripe fierce " , we should have the fish fresh, we also should drive green vegetables early city goes buying fresh. Because fresh, nutrition is saved more, taste is so better.
The central part with the most important rice is plumule. Just as its name implies, so called " bud " , it is the part that lays new life. By nutrition the analysis also can be learned, a variety of nutrition that rice place has depend on here with respect to concentration, also can be nutrient treasury. Plumule rice touched water to be able to sprout, but after rice touched water, can decay only. Because,this is of rice cortical with plumule by ream, had been seminal cause no longer. Rice is one kind gets " destructive rice " , it is not the rice that nature place creates any more. Plumule rice will be gemmiparous, so it is be perfectly justifiable " living rice " , rice can sprout no longer, accordingly its 100 percent " dead rice " . "Rice " two words horizontal stroke is written can become " dregs of rice " word. The nutrition because of it and inside the part that hiding life is destroyed to danger, because this describes it into " dregs of rice " also had not been.
We the staple food of a day of 3 eat: Rice, should also eat fresh? Beyond question, the answer is affirmative. For healthy long life, we should have fresh plumule rice.
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