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The effect of food crops food grains other than wheat and rice
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The seed of Job's tears: Call Yi rice again, what its contain protein far taller than rice, face, easy digest absorb, to reducing gastric bowel burden, enhance a constitution beneficial. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, of one's own accord of Yi rice flavour is weak, the gender is small cold, have be good at the action with lienal, filling lung, clear heat, wet benefit. Concerned expert studies a proof, yi rice has fight tumor, enhance immune power, fall the effect such as blood sugar. Cook Yi rice and rice congee or join edible of right amount rock candy, can make tumor patient appetite increases, the bring down is put, the poisonous side effect that changes cure. In addition, the Job's tears element that contains in Yi rice has inhibition to striated muscle, can reduce wrinkle, the person that loves the United States mights as well eat more.

Soja: Soja sex makes the same score flavour pleasant, have be good at the action of lienal beneficial stomach, appropriate of taste empty weak often eats. Wait like bean curd, soya-bean milk with all sorts of bean products that its make, also have property of a medicine, bean curd but wide in beneficial gas, clear heat comes loose blood, especially appropriate phlegmy heat coughs diseases caused by external factors of asthma, catch a cold, guttural gall person edible.

Broomcorn: Sex of broomcorn flavour pleasant is lukewarm, have be good at the action of lienal beneficial stomach. Children indigestion, desirable broomcorn is fried into boiler sweet, hull crocus, take 2~3g attune to take every time. But broomcorn sex is lukewarm, contain an astringent to stop the tannic acid of have diarrhoea action, constipation person unfavorable edible.

Corn: Flavour pleasant sex is smooth, have be good at lienal benefit is wet, appetizing the action of invigorate the circulation of blood of beneficial wisdom, Ning Xin. The linoleic acid in corn oil can prevent cholesterol to precipitate to hemal wall, have positive effect to preventing hypertension, coronary heart disease. In addition, it still has diuresis and the effect that reduce blood sugar, suit diabetic edible particularly. Show according to the data, american scientist returns discovery, eat corn to be able to stimulate cerebral cell, enhance the person's memory. The corpus luteum element that contains in corn and jade cream-colored can prevent the happening of pathological change of sex of yellow spot of old people eye character.

Rice: Renown rice, flavour pleasant sex is smooth, have the profit in filling gas, be good at lienal with the stomach, effect that removes irritated thirsty. Indoor in the winter central heating is hotter, air is dry, morning and evening drinks bit of rice congee, can do the worry of glossal dry in order to be far from a mouth. What need to remind a diabetic particularly is, the cook method with different rice is different to the influence of blood sugar. According to concerning research proof, the cooked rice that rice waiting for a quantity cooks is righter than congee the impact of blood sugar is little. Accordingly, diabetic breakfast eats cooked rice to be helpful for dominating blood sugar. Su Mi: Renown millet, flavour pleasant sex is smooth, have be good at lienal the action with the stomach, edible of the person that apply to taste empty heat, queasy vomiting, diarrhoea and empty of postpartum, ill rear body. When millet boils congee above a of float exquisite sticky thick substance, common is called " rice is oily " . The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the nutrition of rice oil is very rich, nourishing force is the most powerful, have " rice oil can take the place of ginseng soup " view.
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