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Organic rice knowledge
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1, what is organic rice?
Organic rice is comply with country organic agriculture produces a standard to cultivate production to machine. The live thing that aborning does not use gene project to obtain extremely child; Do not use chemical complex pesticide, chemical fertilizer, grow the material such as additive of conditioning agent, feed; Follow the order of nature and ecological principle, coordinate the balance that cultivates course of study and aquaculture; Use a series of what can develop continuously is advanced agrotechnical the agriculture that stabilizes in order to maintain continuously produces kind, and fructification of acquisition organic paddy terminal. It is the top grade on eye preexistence bound, be beneficial to the mankind to live healthy and high grade rice.
2, how is organic rice produced?
Seminal choice: Choose the admirable breed seed with local the strongest suitabiltiy. Ban with turn the seed that gene project obtains.
3, edaphic choice: Choice black is fecund meadow soil. Ban exceed the soil with serious bid with heavy metal. Edaphic environment quality accords with the secondary standard of GB15618-1995.
4, environmental choice: Choice environment is pure and fresh and elegant, the environment of zoology safety. Organic production base is far from line of main force of area of the city zone, factory, traffic, industry to pollute Tophet of source, life. Ambient air quality accords with the regulation of the secondary standard of GB3095-1996 and GB9137.
5, water quality choice: Water of the upper lake that chooses clear and natural free from contamination, library, river irrigates, water quality accords with the regulation of GB5084. Ban the water system that has contaminative cause with upper reaches.
6, fertilizer choice: Bacterium of active of complete fat of biology of science and technology of choice high end organic fertilizer (it is classics country of attestation of organic food center, contain a lot ofbacterium of 10 big active live thing group) . Salt of taboo Chile nitric acid (sodium nitrate) synthesize fertilizer with chemistry, taboo industry and sludge of urban foul water reach night soil.
7, technical choice: The choice is contemporary family name of the most scientific organic paddy king helps advance somebody's career law, namely of severe, rare, shallow, diligent, essence help advance somebody's career technical system. Prohibit delaying help advance somebody's career with groovy tradition means.
8, plant protection choice: Choose active biology organic fertilizer to undertake safe plant protection, bear completely period divide second gush to use face of blade in all, remove plant protection effectively, destroy bug, antiseptic action. Ban synthesize preparation with all chemistry.
9, weed choice: The choice weeds artificially, half machinery weeds, zoology of the pisciculture that raise duck weeds, ban chemically to synthesize preparation to weed.
10, run an option: The choice builds rigid administrative system, in national HLJDFCC monitoring of center of organic food attestation falls, implement perfect oneself management system strictly, build only book, stand only account, set rigor of whole journey of person specially assigned for a task to superintend.
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