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Food of potato first selection reducing weight
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The person be on a diet that has common sense just knows the potato is the admirable choice of moment reducing weight, do not contain because of it adipose, quantity of heat is 220cal, make a person easily satiated, and nutrient component is very high: The content of vitamin C has 26mg, almost daily proposal absorbs the person that dispute smokes the half of the quantity. The potassium that it contains 844 Mg is qualitative, be banana content of double!

In addition, the potato also is vitamin B6 and cellulose (4.1g) admirable origin, other vitamin B a group of things with common features content is not little also.


Advantage of 1. vitamin C is great, can prevent cancer and heart disease, enhance immune power.

2. Potassium can help the balance that maintains the liquid inside the cell and electrolyte character, what keep heart function and blood pressure is normal.

3. vitamin B6 can help the function that enhances immune system.

It is aperient and normal that 4. cellulose can be helped prevent rectum and colonic cancer.


Do not feed potato skin, because above the likelihood sprayed pesticide. Potato meat eats only after had better husk first before boil or been boil.


1. can be being baked the olive oil, butter that does not have fat is put to flavor on ripe potato pink, or the raw ingredient bright cheese that does not have fat again assist with Japanese green.

2. potato juice is the admirable agent that make acid, german often treat indigestion with it. Course of action is the potato that cut two the skin is put into fruit juice machine to be hit into juice drinkable.

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