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Fry tea to be not drunk now
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Spring arrived, a boiler can be raised to come again before the door of many bazaar and supermarket, the tea that goes to new use is fried now sell now, and ceaseless cry out is worn draw the crowd of associate with. With so fresh fry the tea that make to make tea, drink rise the sense is good, but do not have advantage however to the body.
Tea has spring, summer, Qiu Chazhi is divided, say commonly, spring it is good that tea should compare summerly tea, autumn tea, people more favour spring tea. Tea tree passes the convalesce winter, nutrient is accumulated enough, the nutrient material inside tea often is the richest. And, spring air temperature is relatively inferior, the synthesis that is helpful for containing nitrification substance and accumulate, the battalion nurturance such as amino acid, protein divides free content is higher, the aroma of tea, flavor is thicker also. Moreover, spring air temperature is low, plant diseases and insect pests is less, do not need gush to use agriculture chemical commonly, so spring tea is polluted basically without pesticide. Accordingly, look no matter from tea character or pesticide incomplete allowance, spring tea is optimal.
New tea is to point to the tea that just appeared on the market or in those days tea, and ” of “ stylish tea is to point to just picked next inadequacy the tea January. Nevertheless, of excessive pursuit tea fresh also have corrupt practice. If tea deposits time weak point, the much phenol without oxidation kind content is higher, aldehyde kind, mellow kind of content is more also, they have more powerful stimulative effect to mucous membrane of bowel of human body stomach, gastric bowel function relatively the weak, especially ill patient of chronic gastritis, ulcer, drinkable can cause after this kind of tea gastralgia, abdominal distension wait for a symptom. The tannic acid with stronger active still is contained in fresh tea, the protein that it can make food medium, iron is qualitative caky, the influence is digested absorb. Additional, the theine in fresh tea, tea is alkaline more also, drank make a person easily neurological height is excited, generation insomnia, dazed, lack of power, perspire, the phenomenon such as frequent micturition. Accordingly, new tea should set period of time, the much phenol in waiting for tea kind wait for corporeal autoxidation, fang Kechong bubble is drinkable after be being reduced to the stimulation of gastric bowel.