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The expert opens a secret recipe of 15 long life
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According to " Forbes " the magazine reports 8 days, people often says, this meets a person dead so, how to because he does not know,just live a few more for a long time. But, as the ceaseless progress of science and technology, scientists discovered more and more macrobian secrets, the life of modern has been lengthened greatly, and of the mankind still have lengthen a space considerably, if you plan your life according to the doohickey below, the possibility that becomes an old longlived person is very big.

1. Do not bilk a bed

Here has a reason that does not bilk a bed: " comprehensive psycho record " a research Feburary 2002 shows, sleep too much to be able to reduce mean life. This research discovers, with respect to mortality character, sleep every night the person of 8 many hours is compared apparently according to the person that sleeps normally tall. But, the person that often attends party in the late night does not want jauntily. Researcher says, sack time is little at 4 hours, also can increase mortality. Sleep every night the 6 people to 7 hours are the most macrobian.

2. Optimistic unripe active state is spent

Si Temei of American Minnesota Luo Che makes an appointment with medical center researcher to discover, hopeful person is in die early the more pessimistic than those person on probability is little 50% . Published in August 2002 period " journal of Mei Yaolin bed " these research that go up show clearly as a result, the person that holds active life manner is probable pressure is little, can face disaster better, so more healthy. The person that hopeful personage compares pessimism has lower blood pressure.

3. Have more sexual life

Research shows, sexual life makes people healthy, prolong life thereby. But, researcher expresses, this is not meant indulge in sensual pleasures make people more macrobian. Close sexual life means people to have less pressure greatly, happier, can have better rest. All these elements can reduce blood pressure, avoid people to suffer from on apoplectic with heart disease. Published in April 2004 period " magazine of American medicine society " the discovery of a research that go up: The low sicken rate of the ejaculation frequency with tall “ and prostate cancer is concerned. ”

4. Raise a pet

Consider to show, have pet especially the person of the dog compares the person that does not raise pet, pressure is fewer, when seeing a doctor fewer. The effect that very much before research causes to healthy place to pet undertook an analysis, among them by researcher the research of · Friedman leader shows Ailika one, the survival rate of heart disease patient that raises pet is higher than doing not have the person of pet 12% . Bestow favor on depress of owner person blood. These reasons follow a lot of psychology elements very likely to concern, raise a pet to be able to reduce alone feeling and gloomy curb for example, pet can let host laugh, let host undertake more outdoors activities wait.
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