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Lemon prevents kidney stone to eliminate acne
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Most person won't get on that one to be being placed in fruit juice cup thin thin lemon many add an attention, think that just is a kind of adornment, so beverage is drunk, citric piece stay on cup predestined relationship toward contact, for the person that because be opposite,drinks beverage, this is citric an enjoyment that lets him obtain a bit vision to go up besides, do not have other benefit.

A lot of lemon are become so fecal kind of abandon, much regrettablly! Be regarded as the lemon of scum so, it is the fruit with a kind of extraordinary social status actually, have sanitarian effect already, have hairdressing function again.

According to the data, lemon contains candy, calcic, phosphor, Tie Hewei to give birth to element B1, B2, A and P, especially the content of vitamin C is higher, in addition still contain rich organic acid and yellow ketone, spicy beans essence of life, naphtha, pectic etc.

Citric and rich vitamin, to improving blood pressure, alleviation nerve, help is digested and cent disintegrate endotoxin has certain auxiliary effect. The citrate inside citric fruit juice, can prevent kidney stone. Often feed lemon juice to return can white tooth, help aid digestion. When weather is torrid, the concentrated lemon juice with 30 grams bubble boiled water is drinkable, have more promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, stop the thirsty, effect that sees hot weather.

Still have, a large number of citric acid that contain in lemon, with surface of human body skin alkaline after counteracting, can prevent and eliminate cutaneous pigment ad cool-headed. In addition, after skin of classics of citric vitamin A, C, P is absorbed, can make the skin keeps gorgeous, burnish is exquisite, consequently lemon also is one of making raw material of a lot of cosmetic. Easy baking powder pricks a youth, besmear burns citric oil, can make facial ministry bright and clean, insist to use still can eliminate acne.

Citric scent is full-bodied, a few lemon are placed in the home, adjustable indoor air, bit of citric the skin of fruit is put inside freezer, can go except raw meat or fish smelly.

Lemon has a lot of variety, say less to also have 4 kinds in what this locality market sells. Some is like a potato greatly, some small mandarin orange that be like acid, some peel slip, some peel are knitted, golden or fruit look is close green