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Let the food with delicate and smooth skin
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Dermatology home Dr. Godman of California university listed 10 kinds of food that can make our skin keeps strong and handsome.

Dish of 1. green flower can make the skin keeps stretch, and can make the skin is had fight scathing ability.

The carotene in 2. carrot can reduce cutaneous wrinkle.

3. everyday edible olive oil of one small spoon makes with respect to enough dim skin becomes red-blooded.

The skin with dry 4. shows hoar, without tension. Drink water to be able to eliminate minor lines more.

The Omega3 fatty acid in fish of 5. Ma Ha can remove the biology active material that damages skin collagen. Eat a horse every weeks 3 times to breath out a fish (or trout) the skin that the person can have gotten.

6. edible bacca can cure cutaneous injury, make the skin maintains pulling force.

7. spinach and cabbage are complete antioxidant, they can be cured immediately pustular. The person that often has green vegetable has black rim of the eye not easily also.

8. watermelon can make the skin becomes delicate. The biology active material that watermelon place contains (tomato red element) can cicatrization the skin loss that produces furrow place.

9. soja contains the vitamin E that is helpful for a cell growing in great quantities.

10. oatmeal can filter the toxicant inside body is qualitative, this is bright and clean to maintaining cutaneous special and important.