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Tomato cure disease 10 laws
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Tomato color bright, appearance is inviting, it is many person table those who go up is delicate, actually, the pattern that the nutrition in tomato follows it is same, can use remedial ailment.
One, treat skin disease: affected part of apply of the pound after flay of bright ripe tomato and seed, daily 2-3 second, can treat fungus to contract sexual skin disease.
2, hairdressing, prevent decline: Pound of will bright ripe tomato takes juice to add a few white sugar, use its besmear face everyday, can make the skin exquisite and smooth, hairdressing prevents anile effect admirable.
3, prevent cancer: Tomato not only nutrition is rich, and have stronger clear hot relieve internal heat or fever, restrain pathological changes effect, hold to every to feed 1-2 inherently the tomato with ripe delicacy, can rise to defend cancer and the action that assist remedial cancer.
4, treat hypertension: Choose 1-2 in the morning everyday bright ripe tomato is hollow dip in white sugar eats, fall blood pressure effect is apparent.
5, treat anaemia: tomato, apple each 1, sesame seed 15 grams, eat, daily eat 1-2 second, hold to for a long time, can treat anaemia.
6, treat ulcer: Spend digestibility ulcer patient gently, can mix the tomato of extort and cup of potato juice half and half drinkable, everyday morning and evening each, take 10 times repeatedly, ulcer can heal.
7, treat hepatitis: Take tomato man spoon of end of spoonful, celery, carotene, lardy half and half, mix iron inside boil rice congee ripe, join assist, gourmet powder is right amount edible, admirable to treating hepatitis effect.
8, prevent heatstroke: 1-2 tomato section, add salt or candy touch, boil soup hot drink, can prevent heatstroke.
9, retreat high fever: Mix tomato juice and cup of watermelon juice half and half drinkable, horary drink, can retreat high fever.
10, treat gum haemorrhage: tomato abluent eat when the fruit, take half month repeatedly, can cure gum haemorrhage.