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Medicinal food of towel gourd of spot of dispel of summertime tender skin
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Towel gourd verdure is fresh and tender, faint scent is fragile sweet, a beautiful dish that is detoxify of fire of hot have diarrhoea of the Qing Dynasty in summer, cool blood. Towel gourd not only nutrition is rich, and have fair officinal value, it is treasure all over. Director Gao Guangyan that occupies outpatient department of acupuncture of traditional Chinese medical science of Wuhan smooth cliff introduces, rich nutrition part is contained in towel gourd, contains interferon lures unripe agent, can exciting human body produces interferon, achieve the disease-resistant poison, goal that prevents cancer. Generally speaking, it is better to take mouthfeel of tender towel gourd, nutrition and remedial effect.

Towel gourd sex is cold cool flavour pleasant is sweet, bowel of benefit of heat having pass the time in a leisurely way, go decency is phlegmy, cool the action such as Yu of aerification of loose of hematic detoxify, stimulate the menstrual flow, travel, medicable still relieve oneself carries blood, help the breast below the puerpera, but feed more also can cause slippery bowel diarrhoea, long it is advisable that the person takes ill put oneself in another's position less still.

The natural hairdressing agent of the rare of furrow of towel gourd or disappear fleck, whitened, purify. Long-term edible or brush a face with towel gourd fluid, still can make person skin becomes smooth, exquisite, have fight knit diminish inflammation, precaution, remove the special effect with acne and ad cool-headed melanin.

The dispel spot in the kitchen acts greatly---If say the small fleck on girlhood face still is lovely mark, so to mature female, points of those full of stains or spots point are the formidable enemy that makes United States colour however! Come, start work now, let the flaw on the face be eliminated in the kitchen.

Introduce the edible of a few kinds of towel gourd and remedial method now:

1, pale towel gourd: Explode sweet Jiang Si, fry into towel gourd sweet, add green pepper and a few garlic, wait for towel gourd squashy, put lily to be boiled slightly again, can have pot.

2, bone of jade glacial flesh: skin of towel gourd purify, abluent, cut 1.5 centimeters paragraphs small, lie between water steam towel gourd 7 minutes with fierce anger, drop melon juice, burn the oil below boiler, explode after sweet garlic fine and soft, drench on towel gourd, add a few soy, sesame oil again.

3, will fresh towel gourd is abluent and mincing, good with gauze bag squeeze a juice, join wait for a quantity officinal alcohol and honey, mix even, juice daub dips in with tampon when using facial with the arm, wash with clear water after 20 minutes clean. Everyday in the evening put on the skin 1, successive a month, can reduce wrinkle, make skin smooth, bouncy.

4, bath of juice of decoct of towel gourd leaf: Juice of decoct of leaf of the towel gourd that use delicacy bathes, ke Jie skin is divided knit, clear hot weather is alexipharmic, also can prevent and cure prickly heat.
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