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Jinyan national integrity rice: product does not export to Europe
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Dongguan Jinyan Cereals, Oils and Food Company is located in the famous Ming and early Qing Jiangnan Liangmao commercial port since the Shilong Town, its predecessor was founded in March 1956, rice production by the three into a small private workshop merged cooperatives, the beginning of the "powder Industry Production Society ", was only 12 people in the workshop. 61-year-old right Zhu Hao powder industry production sixth-generation club head. In 1981, Guangdong Province, Dongguan City, Cereals, Oils Import and Export Corporation and Oil Import and Export Corporation, the investment established "Shilong, Guangdong Foodstuffs Lianying Chang", when the plant is not a salesman, all the products through foreign trade Export sales. Zhu Hao took over power in 1993, his impression that it is "Golden Swallow" the most difficult aspect. 32 tons a month and export tasks, for a plant for production over two days, the remaining amount of time is wasted with. Although the production is not, but here also created brilliant. Dongguan City, with the first registered trademark "Peacock." Back in the seventies and eighties of last century, "Guangdong five ace rice" rice ranks first in Dongguan, the market Lips said: "Chinese, there 'Peacock' rice." After the institutional reasons for "Peacock" rice poor sales. Longing for change, has become the right to take over this enterprise Zhu Hao every day like most things. "We offered to the development of domestic sales, established sales force of more than 20 in domestic sales." Zhu Hao said the right to development to November 1994, the product already in short supply, output of nearly 30 tons a day, in May 1995, an increase The production line, production increased to 35 tons per day, and now production reached 40 tons per day. July 25, 2003, this foodstuff Lianying Chang Guangdong Shilong officially renamed the "Golden Swallow Oil Limited." Selling products in more than 20 countries and regions, including Liu Cheng exports to North America and Europe, and the other You Sicheng Domestic product. "Golden Swallow" has been successful in the United States, European Union, Canada, Australia and more than twenty countries and regions registered trademark of intellectual property protection as countries. In the overseas market, the "Golden Swallow" also encountered setbacks. European policy in Thailand, Vietnam, do not check to check the rice to China, so foreign investors have proposed "Jinyan", since China seized rice to Investigation, would not write "Made in China." Zhu Hao was very exclusive rights: "I am Chinese, and must be done in accordance with Chinese law, must write in China, and now products are not exported to Europe."