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Big Sun released the Town of rice cooking oil alleviate the pressure of the di
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"Age big, there are patients at home, usually comes from a national point of guaranteeing that time made a living allowance, the recent soaring prices, to eat vegetables must pick the cheapest, the days had more and more rigid, this time for our government Minimum Living Standard Families brought rice and cooking oil, really timely ah. "Great Big Sun Sun Village of the Town guaranteeing households Choufu Li said with appreciation. It is understood that since July this year, mainly agricultural products prices rose faster necessities. Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics, National Bureau of Beijing Survey Organization released data show that consumer prices in October Beijing Rose 3.4%, the highest 24 months of a new high. Particularly food prices, pulled up the proportion of more than 7 percent. In addition to vegetables continued to "run high" outside of the 16 categories in the food varieties, there are 13 categories of prices were rising trend, Grain, oil, poultry, eggs, sugar, rose front, a direct result of urban and rural residents, especially low-income groups in the cost of living increases, the pressure increases. In order to maximize protection of the basic living standards of poor people, guaranteeing lower prices on the impact of family life, recently, a large Sun of the Town Government to actively deal with the emergency purchase of relief supplies, "own money" for the Household subsistence allowances paid town 235 meters 1 bag (25 kg), 1 barrel (5 liters) of oil to the microprocessor to proceed, and strive to alleviate the pressure of life of disadvantaged groups.