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Food of Guangdong province green runs way (below)
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Food of green of the 3rd regulation indicates use

Eleventh green food indicates the scope of application on the product is bureau of industrial and commercial administration maintains the country " commodity of green food mark covers range " .

Dozenth a food that permits mark of use green food, its are packed and label is needed according to " manual of standard of design of green food mark " normative requirement is designed correctly, and classics province is green center of development of food of green of China of the newspaper after doing examine and verify is approved and supervise.

Thirteenth without the province green do examine and verify to sign up for Chinese green food to develop central approval, the mark makes choose and employ persons must not change his to produce standard of condition, craft, product and registered trade mark.

The 14th loses green food to produce a condition temporarily as a result of the factor that cannot defy, generator should be saved in the classics inside a month green do approbate report approval mechanism, suspensory use mark. After waiting for a condition to have, accurate mechanism agrees to approve, restore to use.

The access of the 15th mark and its number is confined to the product that approve uses.

The person that the 16th mark is used must not make over mark and number enterprise of its affiliation, jointly owned or other unit and individual.

Mark of food of the seventeenth green uses certificate management to execute year of careful to make.

The sun that food of the 18th green indicates use is approved oneself rises 3 years effective. The requirement after expiring continues to use green food designation, must close completely in operating period declare afresh inside 3 months, did not declare afresh, regard waiver as use.

The 19th uses the unit that green food indicates and individual, approval office is accepted in a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces of period of efficacy or the province is green run prison of designation environmental protection, food (check) the product that measures a branch to use a symbol to its and zoology environment have sampling observation, sampling observation is unqualified person, press access of mark of concerned program cancel.

Of the 20th special to violating mark trademark right, by the infringer can according to " trademark law of People's Republic of China " etc to infringer seat prefectural class above is industrial and commercial administration department asks to handle, or sue to people court directly.

The 21st every disobeys this method to concern a provision, by the province green do the newspaper after checking to approve mechanism cancel access of mark of its green food, call in use certificate of green food mark and number, at the same time to social announcement at numerous.

The management of the product of green food mark that this the 22nd chapter applies to home to sell only about the regulation, to green food outlet product management presses a Ministry of Agriculture " product of green food outlet runs temporary measure " carry out.
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