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New food is about to appear on the market northeast paddy rice " be full of expe
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As mid-autumn of festival leave gradually, paddy of northeast new Ji Shui reaps the footstep that appear on the market closer and closer also, from each advocate the rice that produces a division grows in light of circumstance and weather situation, hopeful continues to obtain high yield this year, the way corp is growing of paddy of current new Ji Shui is satisfactory, major area has entered last autumn, variety of specific area precocity shows fragmentary already appear on the market, but because measure on the high side of the small fraction that reach water, did not produce an effect basically to the market. Meanwhile, business of food yield a division and cereal of semilate rice of grain depot hand sell plan to be accelerated apparently, vacate a storehouse to give new food and library, center apiration of carry out grain to rise apparently, its price also begins to get on small to slide from perch, but because be in rice demand busy season at present, market consumption is increased, a few enterprises and rice mill still are in switch on the mobile phone production, prop up its market value to continue to maintain perch to move.
Purchase and sale of old rice market still delicate
According to understanding of Chinese soja net, up to on September 18, heilongjiang Harbin area produced long bead rice 2007 every tons (similarly hereinafter) buy valence to be 1900 ~ 1960 yuan, peaceful paddy of bead of the warden that turn the land buys price 1900 yuan, round bead paddy buys price 1800 yuan, paddy of area round bead buys chicken on the west valence 1840 ~ 1880 yuan, all relatively drop last week 20 ~ 60 yuan; Area of beautiful Mu Si produced factory price of round bead rice 2007 2840 ~ 2900 yuan, factory price of long bead rice 2960 ~ 3000 yuan, crane hillock area produced factory price of round bead rice 2006 2780 ~ 2800 yuan, produced factory price of round bead rice 2007 2860 ~ 2900 yuan, all go up raise 20 ~ 40 yuan. Area of Jilin loose place is common round bead paddy buys price 1920 ~ 1960 yuan, double distant area is super paddy rice factory price 2900 ~ 2920 yuan, all drop 20 ~ 40 yuan. Factory price of rice of round bead of area of Liaoning Pan Jin 2900 ~ 2960 yuan, fall after a rise 40 yuan. This shows, appear on the market as new food draw near, market pressure increases northeast Chen Liang, partial area value begins perch is small fall after a rise, market purchase and sale still delicate, the time that later period leaves Chen Liang already not much, its price goes admiral of power general interest with be being given priority to smoothly, partial area appears on the market in great quantities in new food dozen pressure below, have continue the likelihood of fall after a rise, but the space predicts not quite.
New rice market is bullish psychology is intense  

Already was September at present the middle ten days of a month, have 10 days of right-and-left time again, paddy of northeast new season be about to big range ground spreads out reap, this year as a result of national policy prop up reach those who grow cost to rise considerably, look forward to of farmer, grain and market personage all are valued quite to the market, its price leaves high already was people's expectations place returns. In last few years, our country farming endowment rise in price range is bigger, although the country avoided agricultural tax, execute kind of grain direct allowance policy, but the farmer is planted grain cost still is raising. According to computation of Chinese soja net, the cost of production of round-grained nonglutinous rice this year is controlled every mus in 550 yuan (it is with Heilongjiang exemple) , than going up year of average growth 22.3% . In the meantime, northeast new food appeared on the market last year level value is inferior, and the question with appeared to sell food difficult, most farmer sells rice when low in succession went out, later period is in of national policy give aid to below, the price begins to go tall stage by stage, make a lot of farmer regretful, after drawing the lesson last year, predict the psychology of cherish carry out of the farmer will be very intense this year. Additional, this year before spring sowing, the country buys lowest valence by every tons raise 1640 yuan 1540 yuan, brought a farmer into play to plant greatly grain enthusiasm, the farmer had one steelyard early in the heart to the anticipation of income.
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