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2008 China (fine promote) south lake food fair was held in September
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Sponsor an unit: Guild of Zhejiang province meal, fine government of the people that start city, fine begin government of people of division of the lake austral city, fine guild of the meal that start city

Undertake unit: Culture of advertisement of Suzhou profit gain can exhibit service limited company

Media support: Fine the TV station that start city, fine the broadcasting station that start city, fine promote journal, south net of rice of newspaper of food of net of grocer Wu of net of the lake austral cable of lake evening paper, Jia Xingan, China, China, China, China

To promote our country each save the communication of the characteristic food culture of city, deepen the consumer understanding to culture of our country traditional food, make fine the development that promotes characteristic food to stabilize health for a long time continuously, what growing trigonometry area what raise Jia Xinglu lubricious produce is famous degree, save meal guild by Zhejiang fine begin government of people of division of the lake austral city, fine fair of food of the lake austral the 2008 China · that guild of the meal that start city sponsors jointly will in September 2008 26-30 day is in fine international exhibition center of the harbor in starting city is held ceremoniously. At the appointed time please all circles friend assists in all a grand occasion. Fine promote be located in southeast China the center of delta of coastal, the Yangtse River, shanghai is received east, boreal adjacent Suzhou, hangzhou is connected on the west, big bridge of bay of Na Bin Hangzhou, traffic is convenient. Element has “ an abundant place, the beauty of the government office ” of silk praise. Since reforming and opening, the radiate that Jia Xingcheng is carrying Shanghai Pudong development to open, Su Na is open model south economy and short for Zhejiang Province of civilian battalion economy hand in collect an influence, economy, society good rapid development, comprehensive strength increases significantly.

Print 200 thousand elegant 60 thousand visiting certificate, invitation letter distribute person specially assigned for a task to fine begin the production that reachs circumjacent area in the professional user hand such as group of agency, agent, large supermarket, government sector, trade.

Look around relevant exhibit meeting, whole nation of the leave for different destinations that send a person 50 many large and medium-sized professional market spot undertakes propagandist popularizing, send out the data invites look around.

Wait through advertisement of advertisement of the guidepost inside city, newspaper, TV, phone, fax, mobile short message, letter, email, media to buy the home to release exhibit meeting information.

Through home famous association, chamber of commerce forms a delegation attend a meeting look around purchase.

Hold a press conference, postpone meeting circumstance and flutter plan to media and key client introduction.
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