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The 4th 2009 China (Shanghai) next year of exposition of industry of internation
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HCIE2009 the 4th China (Shanghai) time of exposition of industry of international health care: In May 2009 23-25 day
Place: Shanghai smooth congress exhibits a center (road of water transport treasure 78) theme: Attention health, advocate science, gather together Shanghai, read extensively the world

Sponsor an unit: Shanghai health care tastes business affairs of association Shanghai industry to show limited company

Undertake unit: Le Bangyi Nuo can exhibit limited company of service of Shanghai Dong Qi exhibition service company

Media assist do: " Chinese health food " magazine company " Chinese contemporary health care " the Ba Bahui in magazine company A acute hearing net

Market prospect

As social material standard of living raise people to take health seriously more and more, henceforth a few years, the demand that tastes to health care will increase ceaselessly, health care tastes the market to having good prospect. Shanghai regards China as city of the biggest economy, a lot of advantaged advantages are had on the development that health care tastes, develop demand HCIE2009 to comply with the market the 4th China (Shanghai) exposition of industry of international health care (abbreviation: Be good at rich is met) on May 23, 2009—In Shanghai light congress exhibits a center 25 days to hold, exhibit an area 15000 square metre, predict to have come from global many 600 ginseng that postpone business is exhibited, many 30 thousand purchase business to attend a meeting look around. This “ be good at rich is met ” is sleeved by governmental institute couplet Cheng Yan, tripartite confrontation is gigantic display, with brand-new concept, make with all one's strength specialization, the professional grand meeting that internationalization, brand spends.

Be good at rich is met 7 big characteristic 1, be good at rich is met help enterprise is established and can consolidate company image, reveal newest product and technical; 2, be good at rich to be able to be in for a short while the market information that accurate and fast help company gets internal energy to have value most; 3, the scope that be good at rich can extend business to provide a demonstrative product and investigation market to join, provide platform of a knowledge to buy the home; 4, be good at rich can offer the precious opportunity that contacts with research organization of constituent team, trade and governmental official for the enterprise; 5, the benefit in the activity that be good at rich can help an enterprise allow from a series of high water, seminar; With professional audience and the platform that purchase business to establish collaboration and communication; 13764672529 6 of; Cheng Lei, be good at rich can pass the contact to cooperate cheek by jowl with what sponsor orgnaization and media, make the enterprise gains more attention during the exhibition; 7, be good at rich is met can help business of enterprise and the agent that come from world each district, channel seek more cooperative opportunities.
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