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Agriculture of home of found a state of Beijing call together is special in Octo
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Each concern an unit:
The Chongzhongzhi that doing good agriculture and rural work is entire party job is heavy, sense of steady to maintaining national economy and society to last progress is great. The modernization of our country agriculture allows to weigh and the path is far, invest organization of trade mass organizations as national agriculture, agriculture of Chinese investment consortium and committee of rural investment major (national hair changes appoint director) the development that devotes oneself to agriculture of stimulative our country and country all the time, the health that promotes contemporary agriculture develops.

Since the 16th National Congress of Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee, the State Council published a series of support agriculture benefit farming policy, increase ceaselessly give aid to strength, national budget already amounted to 562.5 billion yuan this year. To implement scientific progress concept in the round, carry out deploy of central concerned job seriously, make policy falls to real point truly related the country, solve farming mouth enterprise to throw the question with difficult financing further, I can decide to hold “ country agriculture in Beijing special give aid to capital and 3 farming seminar of credit application solid Wu and project cast financing butt joint meeting ” .

This second activity will in order to build platform, stimulative communication, strengthen cooperation, service 3 farming for the tenet, invite a country to concern orgnaization of expert of the authority inside sectional chief, course of study, investment and countrywide limits farming mouth is enterprise or business the unit collects, in all business grows a major programme of lasting importance. Cent of mobile whole journey is solid Wu of policy specification, application to explain, project appraise sth through discussion and cast financing to negotiate 4 parts undertake, after hoping concerned unit receives this announcement, the member that send actively attends, specific arrangements informs as follows:

One. Origanization construction

Sponsor an unit: Agriculture of Chinese investment consortium and country invest professional committee

Assist run an unit: Beijing country grand project of endowment annulus international consults limited company

2. Conference time, ground is nodded
Time: Reported for duty on October 17, 2008, 18-20 day conference, 21 days make an on-the-spot investigation;

Place: Big public house of Beijing Beijing iron (follow 4 stars course, beijing on the west the square austral guest station advocate building)

3. Program arrangement

On October 18, 2008 time: In the morning 8: 30-11: 30

Content: 1, limits of application of policy of support agriculture of Ministry of Agriculture, project, requirement and program explain

2, the spot seeks advice, answer doubt
Expert: Zhang Liqun, senior engineer of courtyard of program of group leader of group of project of national emphasis agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture
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