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Exposition of agriculture of international of the 4th 2008 Kunming
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Time: On September 3, 2008 - the ground nodded on September 7, 2008: Kunming international exhibition center

By Yunnan province people government is supported, the agriculture of international of the 4th 2008 Kunming that branch of province of Yunnan of stimulative commission of civil administration of person of city of office of estate of flowers of province of hall of hall of Yunnan province agriculture, Yunnan province business affairs, Yunnan, Kunming and China International trade sponsors jointly exposition, will come 7 days to be held in international exhibition center of Chinese Yunnan Kunming on September 3, 2008. We invite you to attend cordially exhibit meeting, conspire to develop a major programme of lasting importance, achieve in all brilliant.
Kunming is located in Yunnan the province is mid, land gross area 21111 square kilometer. Whole town has 14 counties (city) area, total population six million one hundred and ninety-three thousand three hundred person, have 3 nations autonomous county, 10 peoples country, have the minority such as the Hui nationality, the Yi nationality, Miao Zu, the Bai nationality, the Lisu nationality, Dai nationality, Chuang, the Hani nationality, the Bouyei nationality, it is the area of multiracial inhabit a region. Area of dam of pool of another name for Yunnan Province year average air temperature 16.2 ℃ , annual fall 949.7 millimeter, relative humidity is 68 % , frost-free period is in on average 240 days of above. Belong to frigid zone, temperate zone, tropics all area of some stereo sex climate, the flower is agelong and open, herbaceous the four seasons is evergreen, the “ that is famed China and foreign countries spring city ” , it is recreational, the good land of travel, also be the hot earth that investment does poineering work.
Exposition of Kunming international agriculture holds 3 successfully already, the 3rd Nongbohui organized travelling merchant 2007 more than 700, the standard is exhibited more than 1500, ginseng exhibit travelling merchant and masses nearly 300 thousand person-time, already became Kunming area to extend a dimensions and impact state bigger exhibit meeting. Current Nongbohui develops contemporary agriculture with “ , build new-style country ” to give priority to a problem, aim to reveal new rural area of our city agriculture and socialism to build achievement in the round, enlarge international home collaboration, communication of stimulative market information, promote region economy development, agriculture of stimulative our city develops in the round, rural economics go up again new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.

We are cordial welcome domestic and international travelling merchant to join meeting ginseng to exhibit, we are expecting your presence!

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☉ agriculture science and technology kind: Unit of domestic and international universities and colleges, scientific research recently new project of new technology of the agricultural new technology of research and development, agricultural science and technology, new achievement, new product, books and periodicals of agricultural science and technology, application software;
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