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Oily market of grain of 2008 China autumn analyses meeting invitation letter
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Commodity Exchange of committee of Heilongjiang province agriculture, Dalian, " Chinese soja net " the website comes 21 days on September 20, 2008, hold analysis of oily market of grain of “2008 China autumn and commerce to negotiate jointly in Harbin meeting ” . The subject that Bencihui discusses is: &Ldquo; analysis situation, before look up market, hold business chance, conspire to develop ” .
2007/08 year soja and gas of ox of it may be said of legume product prices are towering, paddy reachs the raise after rice price ors first, corn price is slow rise. Autumn grain is about to appear on the market, new year soja, corn, paddy and how can product prices go related its? Get food oily company and job fully wife person attention. The conference plans to invite domestic and international 13 senior experts, dregs of rice to international and domestic soja, corn, paddy, rice, beans, soya-bean oil market undertakes analyse and be expectationed in the round; Oily company of the influence that reachs markets of pair of prospective raw material with respect to aquaculture development state of affairs at the same time, food participates in futures to cover period protect a value to trade the point issue that must master undertakes be discussinged deep. This the purpose of the conference is to make relevant personage right inside food oily company and course of study soja of new year our country, corn, paddy and soya-bean oil, beans dregses of rice, situation of rice market supply and demand has more comprehensive knowledge, dregs of rice to soja of prospective our country, corn, paddy and soya-bean oil, beans wait for market level metabolic trend has more accurate hold. Through negotiating with communication, conduce to field of manufacturer, plant (factory) , the communication between business business, connection and collaboration; Associate with friend, affinity, realize win-win.

We held 4 meetings already successfully, meeting result got joining the sufficient test and verify of the extensive self-identity that meets a representing and market. Joined meeting number actually 2007 to exceed 750 people, join hopeful of conference representing number to exceed this year last year. Here, the conference sponsors an unit to invite sincerely soja, corn, paddy, rice, beans to dregs of rice, the personage inside course of study arrives at etc of soya-bean oil, feed, futures this second conference.

The conference sponsors an unit: Heilongjiang saves agricultural committee
Dalian Commodity Exchange
The conference holds time: Came 21 days on September 20, 2008
The conference holds a place: Restaurant of Hua Qi of · of Heilongjiang · Harbin