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Exhibition of machinery of agriculture of international of 2008 China Inner Mong
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Hold date: 8 years on August 20 - 22 days hold a place: Inner Mongolia international exhibition center sponsors an unit: China International commerce promotes branch of committee Inner Mongolia
Chamber of commerce of Inner Mongolia of China International chamber of commerce
Hall of business affairs of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region
Assist run an unit: Bureau of whole set of equipment of machinery of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region
Machinery of Inner Mongolia agriculture popularizes a station
Support media: Professional magazine: " agriculture is mechanical " , " contemporary agriculture science and technology "
Professional website: Exhibit meeting general in Alibaba net, whole world exhibits mechanically-laid web of herd of market conditions of machinery of website, agriculture, agriculture machinery, China farming Jump over in supplier of net of agriculture machinery of total net of agriculture machinery of Internet of agriculture machinery of net of net of Chinese agriculture brand, special agriculture machinery, China, China, an ancient name for China, China farming mechanically-laid web of agriculture of endowment net, China, agriculture machinery exhibits net and each agriculture mechanical major website
Public media: Exhibit daily of daily of People's Daily, economy, Chinese trade journal, farmer, China is in before can kicking off agriculture machinery changes science and technology of masses of daily of gazette, science and technology to declare farming endowment daily of TV station of gazette, Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, north is new the professional media of the radiation whole nation such as newspaper of business of morning paper of newspaper, Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, farther promotion is exhibited the consequence of the meeting and famous degree.
Exhibit meeting category: Agriculture machinery machines and tools is in an area: The Nei Monggol Autonomous Region can exhibit a description: 2008China (Inner Mongolia) exhibition of international agriculture machinery 2008China (Inner Mongolia)International Farm Machinery ExpoTime: 2008Year on August 20- 22DayPlace: Inner Mongolia international exhibition center Before Character Nei Monggol Autonomous Region farming animal produce sort is much, distributing wide, resource is advantaged, it is our country is important farming it is important that animal husbandry big province is mixed green farming animal produce machines base. With border on of Mongolia country, Russia, home and 8 provinces area border, have the requirement that open to the outside world and enlarges communication of technology of international country economy goodly, be helpful for developing country market of international farming animal produce. Farming industry of animal produce treatment already became whole area industry of the 3rd big pillar. Inner Mongolia is one farming animal husbandry large area and economy are owed develop area. As Inner Mongolia farming advance of process of animal husbandry industrialization further, aid is about to greet classics of Inner Mongolia agriculture to fly newly, broad market is all sorts of delegate international the high grade new product of advanced level, new technology and equipment brought vast development space. Inner Mongolia farming gross of animal husbandry machinery already achieved 2.109 million, add 209 thousand newly compared to the same period, predict this year Inner Mongolia of the end of the year farming integrated mechanization level will achieve animal husbandry 60 % left and right sides. According to the municipality the newest investigation of control stand of battalion of farming herd already is analysed, this year Inner Mongolia farming the net income of average per capita of herdsman will achieve 3789.2 yuan, increase 447.2 yuan compared to the same period. Agriculture of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region is agrarian, sow, receive integrated mechanization level to achieve 57. 7 % , relatively on year rise 2. 5 percent, average level of tower above whole nation 21. 8 percent. Centrally and municipality a series of benefit farming policy, the policy that promotes agriculture machinery to change a career to develop especially is pulled move below, municipal agriculture machinery changes a career to present a health to develop momentum quickly. Whole area finishs mechanization farmland 7301. 30 thousand mus, mechanization sows 6574. 70 thousand mus, mechanization is harvested 2419. 40 thousand mus, agrarian, sow, receive mechanization level to be amounted to respectively 77. 5 % , 69. 8 % and 25. 7 % . Current exhibit can serve in order to deepen, build one-stop purchase service platform to exhibit a tenet to do. In pay attention to exhibit of the meeting specialization and on the basis that dimensions changes, organize the conduct propaganda that strengthens pair of professional audiences further strength, the key organizes agriculture machinery and fittings production company, promotion of agricultural machine association, agriculture machinery stands and agency, agent has spot communication, negotiate, collaboration, buy machine allowance policy to undertake unscrambling with respect to agriculture machinery, the new technology that organizes agriculture machinery at the same time, new product recommends the thematic speech such as meeting and trend of agriculture machinery development and delibrate, aim to be offerred for the industry a high quality, national, internationally, the interactive platform that many azimuth communication cooperates, close to the health of Chinese agriculture machinery develops in all! Ginseng of friend of foreign guest of true-blue welcome home is exhibited, look around! ◆ origanization construction supports an unit: Russia of government of people of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region is stationed in Huhhot to always get house Mongolia country to be stationed in Huhhot to always get a house to sponsor an unit: Hall of business affairs of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region of chamber of commerce of Inner Mongolia of chamber of commerce of China International of branch of Inner Mongolia of stimulative commission of China International trade assist run an unit: Machinery of agriculture of Inner Mongolia of bureau of whole set of equipment of machinery of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region popularizes a station to carry out an unit: Inner Mongolia Ike thinks of rich to be able to extend program of congress of ◆ of limited company Place: Inner Mongolia international exhibition center reports for duty cloth exhibits: In August 2008 18—19 day Showpiece time: In August 2008 20—22 day Remove extend time: On August 22, 2008 15: 00
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