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2008 China high grade rice reachs Fair of product of rice deep treatment
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Time: In March 2008 19-21 day
Place: Guangzhou gymnasium can exhibit a center (south white cloud highway 783)
Sponsor an unit: International of Chinese nutrition industry communicates association
Undertake unit: 100 million sail of Guangzhou city show service limited company
Support an unit: Hong Kong is proud dragon exhibits Xinjiang of association of food of company Taiwan health to share attestation to consult limited company
Develop at full speed as Chinese economy, people living standard rises considerably, the rice that healthy, nutrition, green does not have social effects of pollution is the inevitable alternative that the market develops, at the same time the country puts forward to accelerate zoology agriculture construction, increase pair of rice estate development to give aid to strength, make rice produces course of study to obtain unprecedented development, market development space is vast. Guangzhou is China market of production of the biggest rice, spending, also be base of rice foreign trade at the same time. It is at the same time bead city of trigonometry area center, be close to area of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and southeast Asia, have advantageous situation and capacity of radiate of extremely strong economy. To show the development new breed of industry of our country rice, new achievement, new technology, accelerate construction of rice industry brand, accelerate rice industry international to communicate collaboration. Current exhibition gives priority to a problem with ” of “ nutrition, brand, commerce, give priority to a line with the brand is revealed and communicating collaboration, exhibit can do specialization, internationalization grand meeting, we expect your participation, the happiness that starts rice industry in all tomorrow!
Audience organization:
1. Broadcast with Guangdong TV station, Shenzhen TV station, Guangzhou the report of media whole journey such as big bulletin of evening paper of wall of daily of broadcasting station, Guangzhou, sheep, southern Metropolis Daily, Hong Kong and bus advertisement, large and outdoors advertisement puts in, will attract major of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan the audience looks around before 100 thousand person purchase.
2. Your kind effort of abroad exhibition company supports, invite brief overseas visiting team, the travelling merchant that is area of Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, United States, Canada and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan mainly.
3. Professional exhibition engineers origanization construction to undertake, build reveal goodly trade platform, adopt the short message platform of “50120” , have powerful agency database to participate in interactive, person specially assigned for a task is in charge of visitting business to release mobile phone short message and email to relevant target regularly.
4. Professional media publicizes: Net of website of commissariat of net of web of food of Chinese rice intranet, China, Chinese commissariat market conditions, China, northeast rice, Ning Demi is industry net, medium storehouse of rice net, Chinese rice net, Chinese rice net, China day food web.
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