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The 2nd 2008 China (Zhengzhou) oil of grain of international high-quality goods
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—7 day read extensively in Central Plains international on September 5 the center is grand hold

  Exhibit meeting setting:
Governmental authority orgnaization sponsors:
First China (Zhengzhou) oil of grain of international high-quality goods and technical equipment exhibition and exposition of industry of Zhengzhou international food save business affairs hall, China commerce to promote committee Henan to save branch and Henan to save commissariat guild, Henan to save the flesh in Henan kind association, Henan saves association of society of commerce, meal to wait numerous, obtained arrogant person result; Exhibit an area to achieve above of 12000 square metre.
   Exceed strong radiate: Accumulative total recieves professional audience to exceed 23 thousand person. First days of visiting number breaks through 12 thousand person, come from Henan to save the professional audience beyond to occupy 55 % above, among them majority comes from and other places of Heibei, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Hunan, Hubei, Zhejiang, exhibit clinch a deal during the meeting active, postpone a business according to statistical ginseng the intent between the meeting clinchs a deal the forehead 10 many yuan.
   Large and medium-sized of the enterprise take an active part in: Big firm is taken an active part in and support each, the well-known trademark that attend and showpiece the enterprise of larger area has: Oil of group of Henan grain oily imports and exports, vegetable love hutch, Henan omits provision of rich food oil finite liability company, stockaded village of division of county of Yuan Yang of factory of pink of situation of city county food, Henan presses down Hei Longtan county of processing factory of rice of essence of life, Yuan Yang
  Advantageous buyer's market: Congress attracted Le Fu of Mai Delong, home, Yi Chulian couplet of flower, century China, the numerous bazaar supermarket such as couplet of capital of special, north attended big Shang Xinma in succession this second purchase meeting; Business of town of Henan province each district exceeds, general merchandise inn, processing factory; Henan province and wife of the circumjacent agent that visit town, agency and job person before waiting, will purchase negotiate. The success of current exposition is held strengthened industry communication, huge motivate the development of the industry.
Of the government support energetically: Get government of Zhengzhou city people height takes seriously and support mainly, zhengzhou city can exhibit working office will the brand regular meeting that be bred for the key and gives aid to.
The conference of characteristic: 10 thousand villages of Henan province “ ” of project of 1000 country market undertakes the enterprise is purchased order goods meeting, large trade exceeds food special performance to purchase specification entering the arena to be able to wait for relevant activity to also be colour of excessive of current exhibition add lustre to.
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