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Limited company of feed of Wuhan peaceful prosperous

Our company are the large and hypostatic enterprise that collect breed aquatics, treatment, sale is an organic whole. Existing breed aquatics commodity egg chicken, fryer many 1 million, high yield milk cow is close 10 thousand, surface of special type, common fish breeds an area nearly 100 thousand mus, already developed now become the breed aquatics with Chinese the biggest Wuhan base, and city of Wuhan of form a complete set " food basket project " development is old, social benefit and economic benefits are remarkable. The client's requirement is us forever pursuit " it is the aim that act vigorously of company of feed of Wuhan peaceful prosperous takes! We are certain: Course is taken in the act vigorously henceforth in, my company will with more strong and vigorous pace, more the outstanding achievement of arrogant person, better product, much better service dedication gives broad client the friend.

Supply of feedstuff normally to ensure, all the year round cash begs in great quantities buy: Skin of corn, soja, gram, husband, beans dregses of rice, oily branny, dish dregses of rice, fine rice, northeast rice, barley, second pink, cotton dregses of rice, wheat, sorghum, soya bean, horsebean, pea, rice bran dregses of rice, seed of broken rice, sunflower; Sell all sorts of formula feed at the same time, condense duck of feed, milk products, bright egg, duck's egg, fryer, dish, fresh fish to wait for product of farming water non-staple food, the amount is large from actor. (the amount is not restricted, the price is followed row with respect to settle accounts of city, cash)

We act on a client consummate, quality and credit the first, the development concept that manages strictly competes in current and intense market midleg forever remain invincible! Welcome broad client to come to my company inspect directive job on the spot!

Contact: Why manager

Phone: 027-83211048

Mobile phone: 15071138268

Fax: 027-83243008

Postcode: 430040

Address: Road of Wu Qi of division of investment of Taiwan businessman of area of lake of Wuhan city thing 68
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