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Cross rice
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Vessel of in relief county of Jiangsu province Shu gets the better of mill of rice of essence of life to be located in 10 big commodity provisions of countrywide to produce base, cross paddy produces base, base is located in Hong Zehu bank. This world of Shu river, churchyard a network of rivers is concentrated, land is fecund, beijing Hangzhou the Grant Canal, ancient Yellow River is perforative north and south, lake of Hong Zehu, vicugna is like two clear water, moist Su Qian this old earth. Enjoy " Hua Dongjing earth " , " green home " beautiful praise.
Paddy rice sells as far as to countrywide each district, get client, the accord of agency reputably. Day showing battalion produces cross rice 60 tons of processing factories, seek countrywide agency.

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Jiangsu saves vessel of Shu in relief county to get the better of mill of rice of essence of life

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