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て east て of food ready money sincere buy bran, corn, rice, oily branny, soya-b
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Wuhan east grain feed limited company is collect feed those who breed sale a coordinated process is production, large and medium-sized hypostatic enterprise. My company is located in 9 provinces to connect Taiwan businessman of thoroughfaring Wuhan thing lake to invest gold area, reform development as national commissariat constitution. At investing 2005 many yuan 1000 established Wuhan east food poultry company, built year produce commodity pig 30 thousand large hoggery and base of an experiment of 100 mus of large aquiculture. Formed the mode of " of farmer of + of base of " head office + , development of " of project of food basket of " of city of Wuhan of form a complete set is old, social benefit and economic benefits are remarkable. Company economy actual strength is abundant, business dimensions is giant, to widen the market. Consistent with " sincere letter is this, " of mutually beneficial mutual benefit abides by contract defend credit for many times to judge for this area advanced company.

Machine demand to ensure a company to be sold all the year round, face the market especially all the year round cash begs buy: Should live ⒒ ㄉ  lives ⒂ vent in the sides of a garment lives cake of? of a legendary venomous insect of ⒍ of body of Bi of ⒏ of a low bank of earth between fields of Huo of ⒋ of ⒒ deficient a low bank of earth between fields) beans of big Xiaomai, bowl, gram, cotton (dish) dregs of rice, bran, horsebean, polished glutinous rice, maize bud dregses of rice, , sell all sorts of formula feed at the same time, condense feed, the product of farming water non-staple food such as duck of milk products bright egg, duck's egg, fryer, dish, fresh fish, the amount is large from actor. (that day cash settle accounts)

╱ quality is begged live, credit begs development ╲ to be our tenet. Active economy. Welcome broad new old client to come my department negotiates, the economic cooperation that builds long-term stability concerns, what innovate in all hand in hand is brilliant.

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